Mine Bitcoin by staking Minto tokens
Minto is a unique DeFi platform for BTC mining. Minto (BTCMT) tokens are backed by a real mining equipment hashrate in a 100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s ratio.

Buying BTCMT tokens, you buy a truly liquid Minto's data centers hashrate. Stake BTCMT and get BTC daily as a reward in HECO chain directly to your wallet!
No more registrations, personal accounts and restrictions, you anonymously wholly own your assets and manage them anytime you want
The rewards are paid from the entire Minto hashrate and its multiplier shows how many times your income is higher than the estimated one
You receive daily income in bitcoins directly into your wallet and can immediately spend it as you wish, the higher the BTC rate, the more income
The tokens do not have an expiration date, like a contract. BTCMT is traded on the exchange, you can sell or buy it profitably whenever you want
Start mining in 2 simple steps:
Buy BTCMT tokens
You can buy tokens from Pancakeswap exchange
current token price
Stake tokens on Minto site
staked amount
staked for
6 months
estimated ROI
About Minto
Simply put - mining is expensive. Keeping it profitable is another part of the story. Minto aims to lower both the risks and the entry threshold by tokenizing mining power in the form of the BTCMT token.
Bitcoin mining has never been easier. Learn more about the future of the mining industry
About 3 timesmore profitable, than traditional mining
More than 1.5times profitable, than hashrate rental
Meanwhile, no equipment, no maintenance, no contracts, just staking…
The economy of the BTCMT token allows you to get significantly more income than from traditional mining. Yield farming on HECO Chain offers one of the highest APRs in DeFi.
Minto documents
Hacken.iorated MINTO Contract infrastructure on the highest security level
What are the advantages of Minto?
The rewards are paid from the entire project hashrate and distributed among the token holders accordingly. Since the project is still at an early development stage, less than half of the issue has been sold, which means that the profit is more than twice as high.
BTCMT tokens are traded on MDEX, you may buy and sell them whatever you want getting daily rewards. You can also convert your tokens in various blockchains right inside the BitKeep wallet using the BKSwap service. No more limits on asset management!
DeFi is decentralized finance, that is why you no longer need to pass verification with a passport or driver's license. Tokens are stored in your wallet, and only you can manage them. All rewards are accrued automatically using a smart contract.
The Minto project is created on the HECO blockchain in cooperation with the Huobi Global exchange, its hashrate is verified by F2Pool. BTCMT smart contract was audited by Hacken.io. Use Minto DApp in the most popular wallets and check BTCMT on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
The Minto token is backed by actively operating Bitcoin mining equipment. There are no high entry barriers, risks, or maintenance issues for the end user. You can buy tokens to receive rewards in the same way a miner does, or you can buy and sell mining power to make money, but you don't have to deal with the hassles of traditional mining.
We are very proud that our crypto project is eco-friendly. As you probably know, bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy. Various other mining operations use electricity generated by burning coal, which is sourced from the power grid. We don't. Minto DeFi project uses only eco-friendly mining. Minto mining is neither harmful to the environment nor a source of CO2 emissions, as the electricity used to power the facility is provided by a private hydroelectric power plant. The CEO Water Mandates introduced by the UN were approved by WWF.
We have emitted 5 000 000 tokens. 250 000 of them are for the team. So, the amount available for purchase is 4 750 000.
Different projects can have similar features. For a better understanding of how BTCMT works, we recommend that you read our whitepaper. There is an option of increasing the emission and the tokenized hashrate of the projects. The emission depends on our vision of how to generate the maximum value for Minto token holders.
The first reward is given out after 24 hours of staking. It is distributed between 6 and 9 AM UTC. Rewards in Bitcoin are accrued once a day.
The address of the BTCMT token is 0x410a56541bd912f9b60943fcb344f1e3d6f09567.
The boost factor indicates what you would receive in comparison with regular mining. It depends on the number of tokens staked. The fewer tokens are staked, the higher the staking reward.
Daily rewards are added to your HBTC balance every day. They can be withdrawn and placed in your wallet.
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