Hashrate rental

Stai affittando una parte del potere della nostra fattoria mineraria
Вы арендуете часть мощности нашей майнинг фермы
Stai affittando una parte del potere della nostra fattoria mineraria
Мы ежедневно перечисляем добытые биткойны на ваш баланс
Ogni giorno trasferiamo le monete estratte sul vostro saldo
Списываем с вашего баланса затраты на обсуживание
Addebitiamo dal vostro saldo i costi di manutenzione
Обновляем оборудование и поддерживаем работу майнеров
Aggiorniamo e manteniamo l'attrezzatura
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management fee
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You purchase a hashrate contract, we connect it to our network, maintain and monitor, so it can work efficiently all the time. All you need to do is to choose a contract and pay for it
Calculation of mined coinsfor the whole previous day happens one time a day. If you only started mining, you will get your first coins on the following day.
Miner requires electricity in order to work. Every miner has its own consumption can be find in miner specifications. In the dashboard you can find a separate balance to pay for the electricity that is called "Electricity account management". Required amount of money is taken from it daily. Do not forget to refill it because miner will not work without electricity.
It is a service fee for a maintenance of your contract.
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