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How does it work?

Cloud Mining gives an unique opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency world combining simplicity, convenience and easy to understand methods of control under your contracts.

We created CryptoUniverse service especially for you. Here you can choose and compare a Cloud Mining contract or miner by itself deciding on what you prefer. In the nearest future the hashrate exchange would be available and purchase of Bitcoin2025 or Litecoin2025 contracts would become even easier.

Main principles of our activities are trust, reliability, comfort and efficiency.

Sign up, choose the contract you prefer and receive daily revenue on your wallet. You are always welcome to get more familiar with your personal statistics and forecasts using personal dashboard.

How can we do it?

Key of our success is an infrastructure. In our mining center we have 12000+ ASICs persistently working.

Using algorithms (SHA-256 and SCRYPT), we mine for you Bitcoin, Litecoin and are preparing to start mining Ethereum.

24-hours monitoring, the highest safety standards of all mining processes and professional maintenance of the equipment help achieve the maximum performance and capacity of ASIC miners.


All contract holders receive their payouts daily. The total amount is calculated depending on the type of contract. Detailed statistics could be always found and analyzed in the personal dashboard.

3 contract types


contracts BTC


from 30 days to 5 years


contracts LTC


from 30 days to 5 years


Contracts on

Classic models

and on specific models of mining equipment

In order to get your work started, you need to:
  1. Sign up on;
  2. Purchase any contract chosen from your personal dashboard
  3. Start getting everyday payments
Begin receiving daily payouts
Our ASIC miners work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

CryptoUniverse is the Cloud Mining Project that pays money.

Choose a contract

Cloud Mining with CryptoUniverse

Equipment is always ready to operate. Just choose a contract and start earning
Simple and convenient. Any configuration and IT skills are not required
Optimum industrial conditions provide maximum profitability and performance of the miners
Low cost of electrical power and, consequently, perfect pricing for all the contracts.
Continuous performance. Monitoring the activities of the miners in 24/7/365 mode. Highest security standards
Peace and quiet
Security guarantee for the miners
No unforeseen expenses. You pay the amount specified by the related contract only once
Qualified specialists

Individual mining

You expect the delivery from the miners and waste your precious time
You waste you time on getting the equipment started to work
The lack of sufficient cooling reduces the equipment capacity. There is a great risk of overheating and damage. Additional costs and waste of time involved
High cost of electrical energy
Maintenance of the equipment requires much time. Eventual beakdowns will result in the waste of time and loss of profit
Noise and excessive heat produced by the equiment
Additional costs required for the security of the miners
There may be additional expenses due to the payment of customs duties upon delivery of the equipment
Special knowledge requied to configure and maintain the performance of the miners