Buy asics for mining


Buy equipment and host it in our data center. Experienced engineers will tune your miner in an optimal way and will watch it closely while it works
Вы арендуете часть мощности нашей майнинг фермы
Choose one or few miners from the list
Мы ежедневно перечисляем добытые биткойны на ваш баланс
Your miners are plugged in to our network right after your payment is through
Списываем с вашего баланса затраты на обсуживание
We transfer profit to your account and deduct maintenance fee every day.
Обновляем оборудование и поддерживаем работу майнеров
Your miners are kept in good condition with regular check-ups

Antminer S19 Pro

Starts 07.09.20
  • Coin:BTC
  • Hash rate:110 TH/s
  • Daily maintenance fee:$3.96
  • Daily revenue:$9.48

Antminer S19

Starts 05.10.20
  • Coin:BTC
  • Hash rate:95 TH/s
  • Daily maintenance fee:$3.96
  • Daily revenue:$8.19

Antminer S17e

Starts 06.07.20
  • Coin:BTC
  • Hash rate:60 TH/s
  • Daily maintenance fee:$3.24
  • Daily revenue:$5.17

WhatsMiner M30S

  • Coin:BTC
  • Hash rate:88 TH/s
  • Daily maintenance fee:$4.02
  • Daily revenue:$7.58
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A miner should be set up and work for a certain time in order to produce 1 BTC. It can break down, it requires care, heat removal and cooling, electricity bills should be paid. All of this is on us, and is included in the maintenance fee. Just keep calm and collect your daily BTC profit.
Yourself: your contract/miner’s hash rate (TH/s) and its duration.
Us: electricity prices and proper equipment setup.
Higher power: difficulty of mining 1 coin and its current exchange rate.
All the money we receive from selling contracts is put into the construction of new data centers and applied to foster the rapid growth of the whole company. Our goal is to become the #1 venture in the world. By buying a contract you begin to earn appreciating cryptocurrency and bring the cryptofuture closer today. The maintenance fee is introduced in order to free you from taking care of your miner and its work environment, rent payments and electricity bills. We take care of all that.
A contract costs less than a miner and brings you less profit. A miner costs more and is more profitable in the long run. Cloud mining contracts are best suited for entering the world of bitcoins and mining. Buying a miner is the best option for getting the maximum income.
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