Bitcoin can’t keep up with miner prices

August 19, 2021

Mining equipment prices are rapidly growing in China. During the plunge of the bitcoin after the May highs, miner prices retreated slightly, but now the prices of some models increased by almost one and a half times. As a rule, this marks a new growth phase in the cryptocurrency market capitalization.

At the same time, the increase in equipment prices also entails a decrease in mining profitability in the short term and increasing the payback period for related projects. What should you do to get the best profit-to-cost ratio by the end of the year?

CryptoUniverse is one of the largest hashrate operators in the EU, offering profitable cloud mining services. CryptoUniverse data centers are located in the north of Russia near hydroelectric power stations, which are powerful sources of renewable energy. They are equipped with efficient cutting-edge equipment, which guarantees users significant flexibility in terms of renting a hashrate or buying miners.

As a result of the reconstruction of hydroelectric power stations carried out in 2014, they have turned into exemplary green energy facilities, therefore, mining with CryptoUniverse is one of the “cleanest” in Europe. If Musk was aware of this fact, Tesla may have spent $3 billion on "clean" hashrate from CryptoUniverse, rather than $1.5 billion on "dirty" bitcoins!

Hashrate rental is one of the most attractive services that allows to get manifold profits in a bull market and save capital during market failures. When trading on the stock exchange, a trader may lose a deposit due to an incorrectly selected leverage or entry/exit point. By renting hashrate, you can also work on the exchange using the liquidity obtained from mining, but you will enjoy both guaranteed returns and reliable protection from risks.

If you are planning to buy miners in China, the right moment has already passed. Since the beginning of 2021, mining equipment prices in China on the resale market have increased several-fold, and requests for new equipment are accepted by manufacturers with delivery in 2022 at the earliest. However, CryptoUniverse offers a solution to this problem - now there is no need to own your miners, just rent hashrate and forget about operating costs.

CryptoUniverse has built data centers, and hosts and maintains equipment there in full accordance with the modern concept of green mining. Every bitcoin from CryptoUniverse in your pocket does not only mean a stable income, but is also our common contribution to green energy, improving the image of the entire global cryptocurrency industry!

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