Co-buying with Binance

July 9, 2021

CryptoUniverse in cooperation with Binance Pool introduces co-buying!


Partnership with Binance continues. We connected with Binance Pool to provide you with the new income option. Binance Pool was founded by the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and it took only a year for it to get in the top 5 mining pools. Now it hosts 9% of overall Bitcoin mining. 


The new service allows you to purchase computing power in a separate pool collaboratively with your friends or other users. Rewards are shared daily, according to the purchased mining power. 


These contracts have 2 key features. The first one is that all power in them is checked and verified by Binance Pool. It guarantees that they exist and work. The second one is that contracts are perpetual. It means mining power included in them will work till equipment will wear out or become unprofitable. 

Find more details in your dashboard or by clicking from the main page of our website. Have a nice mining!

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