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3 Days of Cloud Mining with 5TH/s for Free!

A special 3 Days BTC Cloud Mining contract with 5TH/s will be activated automatically once the registration is completed. Hashrate will be displayed in user's Personal Account. The standard service fee for 3 Days BTC Cloud Mining contract is set at $ 0.10 per 1 TH/s. The maintenance fee is deducted daily from the user daily income and does not bear the risk of additional costs for the user. Each new user can use the special offer only once. In case of detecting any fraudulent actions Cryptouniverse has the right to cancel the tariff, suspend cryptocurrency funds available on the balance and block user's account. Once the contract ends, all user's funds will remain on the user's balance and can be used by user in any way available within the Cryptouniverse services. Please note that after 3 days of mining with special BTC tariff the mining income may not reach the minimal required value for withdrawing funds to an external cryptocurrency wallet.