CryptoUniverse continues its operations in self-isolation

April 21, 2020

Our data centers are in Russia, where everyone is in self-isolation mode now. But we are glad to announce that our company continues to work non-stop. That became possible due to the fact that we have all necessary state licenses for communication and data services. Both our data centers and the office continues to work. All our employees and contractors are provided with protective equipment and take all necessary safety precautions.

You can check it yourself by turning on data center's live stream. Press "Watch" button at the "Live stream" section.

Nothing stops our clients and partners from expecting further smooth operation of all CryptoUniverse facilities as well as prompt construction of new data center units in the premises of the former RUSAL aluminum plant in Nadvoitcy. We keep on evolving our services, that would not only help our clients to walk through current times, but to obtain new high profitable tools.

We care not only about your investments, but for your wellbeing too. We've prepared an infographic on how to properly handle with COVID-19 epidemia. Please take a look at it, it's at the picture below. Print it out, put in your neighbor's mailbox, share with your friends and colleagues and stay healthy!


Everything is going to be fine. Your CryptoUniverse.

* Data centers are owned and operated by our partners in Russia.

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