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New Acquiring for CryptoUniverse - Paying by Cards Now Easier Than Ever!

CryptoUniverse started working with CONNECTUM - a company that provides acquiring services. The new partnership will make the process of paying for CryptoUniverse' services with Visa and Mastercard cards easier than ever. In 2014 CONNECTUM brand was created and became the authorised UK based Payment Institution (Registration No. 8941525) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA No. 624117) and acquiring licenses from VISA and Mastercard, with crossboard to the European Union, which guarantees reliability and high quality of its services. New advantage of the CryptoUniverse’ services is the convenience of payments with Visa and Mastercard cards and the ability to pay on the invoice through the international SWIFT system and the European SEPA system to the IBAN current account. You can have all the benefits of a new payment service right now at cryptouniverse.io