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New promo contracts available!

Hi, this is CryptoUniverse.

We have launched 2 brand new fascinating promo cloud mining BTC contracts: Hobbs 360 & Shaw 480. They are available only during “The Fast and the Cloudious” sale. All our current discounts and bonuses can be applied to these contracts. E.g. you can invite your friends to try cloud mining with us during the sale and earn from 8% to 10% of their contracts’ price. It’s time to recall some old friends!

Less then $600 000 worth hashrate of $1 484 000 total sale hashrate is left by the time we send this letter. The discount may become lower any moment. The sale is on until Sept 1, and the faster sale hashrate is being sold, the less the discount becomes. If all hashrate is sold before Sept 1, the sale is instantly over. Be in time to grab your cut!

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