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Autumn cloud mining: grab your bonus!

All the leaves are brown, and CryptoUniverse is in an autumn sale mode until the end of September. Start with trying our new cloud mining promo contracts: Harvest - $19,9 за 1 Th/s, mining starts Oct 25; and Gather - $20,9 за 1 Th/s, mining starts Oct 15. If you want more, then meet updated BTC Prepaid Special 360 и BTC Prepaid Starter 480. They cost 36% less during the autumn sale. If you pay for miner or contract in BTC instead of fiat, you get 7% hashrate bonus instead of a regular 4% hashrate bonus. Let's say you pay for 100 Th/s in BTC, you get 107 Th/s with bonus! We are not finished yet! We have hidden an ultra special secret promo code somewhere on our site. This code gives you a really generous discount for our most profitable cloud mining contract. Try finding it on http://cryptouniverse.io/, it’s worth it. NB! The hidden ULTRA PROMO CODE can be used only once for each account. This autumn is going to be profitable! You buy - we pay.