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Black Friday. Only once a year

Black Friday is spreading over the globe, and we didn't step aside of it.

By 'it' we mean both Black Friday and the globe. Few days ago we aced our new data center and updated our regular cloud mining contracts. But you know, we couldn't leave you with no gifts in such a noticeable day. That's why we created BLACK FRIDAY promo contract which is even more juicy than ever. You can buy it for limited time only, so don't be late. And don't forget to tell your friends about it.

Moreover, we added cash back proposal for the most profitable BTC contracts. You buy - we pay!

Black Friday means huge discounts and special offers. That's the reason we made VIP contracts more affordable. Becoming a VIP client never was so easy.

And remember. Black Friday happens once a year - CryptoUniverse pays you once a day.