How to upgrade equipment after halving

May 18, 2020

Halving always brings uncertainty, no matter how hard you've been preparing for the event. How will the market react to it and how much will 1 BTC cost? CryptoUniverse believes that everything is going to be all right, and we want you to be as sure about it as we are. This is why we've created some offers for you. These offers will let you return the usual level of your income or avoid unnecessary expenses.

  1. Meet the buyback program. Bring us your ineffective equipment and get a buyback voucher in return. You then spend this voucher as a part of the payment for new high-performance machines or CryptoUniverse cloud mining contracts. Drop us a line, and we will make an individual offer for you in no time.
  2. Trade-in returns. Upgrade your old miners by replacing them with modern ones. By that, we mean that an old miner you exchange gives you a discount for a modern one. The exact numbers of the offer depend on your miner models and their quantity. Evaluating may take some time, but we are going to do it as quickly as possible.
  3. You can always request us to power off your miners or contracts if you don't want to wait. This option could help you put your maintenance fee to quarantine and cut off your expenses.

Contact CryptoUniverse support team via e-mail [email protected] or feedback form on our website in order to use any of these options. Be sure that we will make everything in our power to make halving consequences unnoticeable for you and to continue our partnership.

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