CryptoUniverse says goodbye to PayPal

June 26, 2019
At June 18, 2019, CryptoUniverse' account on the PayPal payment service was disabled. The company PayPal Inc is registered in the United States and operates within the jurisdiction of this country. Legislation on cryptocurrency in the United States is different for different states, but the federal law does not approve it as a means of payment. That position of digital money affects not only the ability to pay by crypto but also for companies to support crypto projects. That's why PayPal has suspended the possibility of transferring funds in favor of companies engaged in crypto business. Unfortunately, this happened just after some of our clients already used PayPal to purchase cloud mining contracts from CryptoUniverse. The funds were not received by CryptiUniverse and will be transferred back in full to payers. Refunds will be engaged by PayPal service. So we cannot specify exact dates when the refund will be made. Users who have made a purchase using PayPal, will see all recalculations in their CryptoUniverse personal accounts. No additional charges will be placed. All customers who have made a purchase using PayPal will receive an individual coupon for any purchase on as an apology from CryptoUniverse. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. CryptoUniverse started working with the internet bank CONNECTUM - a company that provides acquiring services. The new partnership will make the process of paying for CryptoUniverse' services with Visa and Mastercard cards easier than ever. In 2014 CONNECTUM brand was created and became the authorised UK based Payment Institution (Registration No. 8941525) regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK FCA No. 624117) and acquiring licenses from VISA and Mastercard, with crossboard to the European Union, which guarantees reliability and high quality of its services. mining is the most important thing for the user and we are doing our best to maintain it. Now another advantage of the service is the convenience of payments with VISA and Mastercard cards and the ability to pay for CryptoUniverse services on the invoice through the international SWIFT system and the European SEPA system to the IBAN current account. You can have all the benefits of a new payment service right now at
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