The Fast and Cloudious!

August 21, 2019
Starting August 21, you can buy any BTC contract with a 20% discount. You don't have much time to decide - the more contracts are purchased, the less the discount. Here another important thing! There are only 58,000 Th we are selling during this promo, which is equal to $ 1,484,000. And the less power capacity remains, the less the amount of the discount. Fast and Cloudious promo expires on August 31, but if 58,000 Th will be sold out earlier, the promo will be stopped. Buy now! With every passing day, you lose your chance to make a deal of a lifetime. There is no time to doubt, jump into the cloud mining with CryptoUniverse' Fast and Cloudious and wave goodbye to those who were left on the side of the road. Terms of use Any BTC contracts may be purchased with up to 20% discount during Aug 21 9:00 CET - Sep 1 9:00 CET time period. Sale is on for 10 days. The exact discount amount becomes less according to the amount of sold hash rate. Total sale capacity is 58000 Th/s, which equals to $1,484,000. Once all sale hash rate is sold during 10 days of the sale, the sale stops. The current sale status is displayed as a progress bar widget on the main page of Current discount, free Th/s and USD amount can be found there. The sale supports our regular affiliate programme. The sale’s discount can’t be added to any other discounts. In case the user has some other discount to be applied, the biggest discount will take place. The exact amount of the discount is defined and applied right after the cloud mining contract payment method is chosen. Time period: Aug 21 9:00 CET - Sep 1 9:00 CET Subject of sale: any BTC cloud mining contracts. Miners not included. Discount range: from 20% to 11%. The less hash rate is left on sale, the less discount becomes. Starting discount: 20%. Extra condition: 58000 Th/s available on sale. Once all hash rate is sold, the sale stops. UPD: starting 08/28 to the end of the promo you can get an additional cashback of 7% for all BTC-contracts.
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