Construction highlights of March 2020

April 22, 2020

It’s time to share the process of building and upgrading our data center. Let’s reveal what we’ve done this month.


There are 4 buildings in Nadvoitsy:
K (K-Power) – the first one. Fully built and equipped. Check the live stream from this one on our website.

K1 is fully built too. The only thing remaining is to install 1000 more miners.

K2 is our new building. Now we are doing a cleanup and foundation upgrade.

K3 was the real foundry. It was a real work to get it done, but now it’s built and we gradually place mining equipment in it.


K1 is absolutely ready. More than 70% of equipment is launched. About 1000 more miners remain. For security reasons and to dispel any doubts we installed CCTV cameras. You will see a stream from them soon.


This month we launched K3. There were a lot of previous equipment, infrastructure and waste. It took a lot of time because it was the real foundry and we can place ASIC-miners only in a perfectly clean place. Now it’s absolutely clean, so we installed all the electricity and placed equipment there. It’s more than 3000 Canaan and Bitmain ASIC-miners installed in K1 and K3 during this month. And this is just the beginning.


In addition, we began building K2. The same processes as in K3 should be done, so you have an opportunity to see how it starts.


* Data centers are owned and operated by our partners in Russia.

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