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CryptoUniverse Cloud Mining – multifunctional cloud mining service provider. Project started on the 14th February 2018 basing on the infrastructure of the biggest mining farm in the Russian Federation with more than 20 MWt power. We believe that the absolute transparency of cloud mining is the most important thing for the user and we are doing our best to maintain it.

1 आपके खाते में प्रतिदिन लाभ दिया जाता है
2 20+ contracts for different strategies
3 कोई छिपी हुई फीस और शुल्क नहीं
4 International support
5 High security

CryptoUniverse was created by genuine crypto enthusiasts. We do believe in the crypto economy and decentralization and unlimited opportunities provided by them. We enjoy the importance and innovations brought by blockchain technology and working hard on the development of cryptocommunity.
CryptoUniverse was established in the Spring of 2017. The founders gathered together the most experienced crypto, IT and engineering professionals. The main force of the CryptoUniverse is its team - vast experience and high skills in different blockchain-related spheres united by the one goal to create the most powerful infrastructure and to make it available for everyone.

On the 20 of July 2017 our team went to China and agreed on strategic partnerships with the most successful mining equipment producers such as Bitmain, Ebang, Canaan and Innosilicon.
In the autumn of 2017 in 150km from Saint-Petersburg we started to set up the biggest mining farm in Russian Federation. And on 20 of August 2018 we successfully launched it. By now there are more than 12 000 miners working. The place for the building was chosen due to the appropriate climate conditions and proximity of the source of electricity. Close attention was paid on the mining center preparation in terms of miner efficiency – unique software and modern cooling system provides the best mining experience. The mining center is totally owned by the CryptoUniverse company and that fact guarantees the higher safety level.

CryptoUniverse is a company which is developing extremely fast despite the highest competitiveness of the market.
We would be happy to see you on board of our CryptoUniverse!

Cryptouniverse has different locations:


United Kingdom

Cryptouniverse OÜ Miotech Impex LP
Company number: 14423879 Company number: SL31818
Punane tn 56 Lasnamäe linnaosa, 101 Rose Street South Lane
Tallinn Harju maakond, Estonia, 13619 Edinburgh
लाइसेंस संख्या:: FVR000167 Scotland, UK , EH2 3JG


Cryptouniverse OÜ
Company number: 14423879
Punane tn 56 Lasnamäe linnaosa,
Tallinn Harju maakond, Estonia, 13619
लाइसेंस संख्या:: FVR000167

United Kingdom

Miotech Impex LP
Company number: SL31818
101 Rose Street South Lane
Scotland, UK , EH2 3JG