This is why CryptoUniverse will make you richer. Meet BTC lending

March 12, 2020

Now you have one more opportunity to make even more money with CryptoUniverse. We've launched BTC lending.

It allows you to keep your cryptocurrency and receive a percent from your balance as a guaranteed bonus. You receive said bonus no matter if BTC price going up or down and no matter if this price change short or has a long dynamics. Yes, it's that simple and clear with no extra terms and conditions attached. Keep your bitcoins on CryptoUniverse lending — now cryptocurrency that is just resting on your balance can start working on you.

There are two types of lending available: fixed and flexible. Fixed are active for a certain time period and can be closed right after their term ends. For example, you sign up for BTC 90 lending. You can close it and claim your bonus right after 90 days. Flexible lendings can be closed and awarded with a bonus at any time.

Many companies and services invite you to join their lending programs today. What makes CryptoUniverse different is that we do guarantee your funds to be safe due to the fact that we own 2 real data centers exceeding 30 MW in power and that our venture is registered in the European Union.

You can see interests of lendings, terms of fixed lendings and other details in your CryptoUniverse account dashboard in the "Deposits" tab.

Follow CryptoUniverse news. We're evolving to provide you with even better service.

* Data centers are owned and operated by our partners in Russia.

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