How it works

We created a cloud mining service that allows you to mine Bitcoin and Litecoin without the trouble dealing with hardware maintenance — we have already taken care of it! Just create a Personal account, choose the rate you want and start receiving rewards daily. Your Personal account will also provide you with detailed statistics, analytics and forecasts in real time.

How do we do it?

Hardware. There are over six thousands miners installed in our data centers (ASIC Bitmain AntMiner S9 and L3+). These machines are specifically created for mining. Our data centers mine Bitcoin and Litecoin for you using the SHA-256 and SCRYPT algorithms. Round-the-clock control and professional maintenance allow us to get the most from our ASIC miners.

Pools. After installation and setup, we connect the miners to the pools. We choose the pools according to these criteria:

  • Reliability;
  • The number of rejects;
  • Reasonable commission.

Payments. All our clients receive the cryptocurrency rewards to their accounts daily. The amount of rewards depends on the rates chosen.

Cloud Mining: What is it?

Cloud mining is the easiest way of mining cryptocurrency by using the resources provided by our data centers.

Cloud mining VS Mining on your own

Using your own hardware demands a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we offer you to start earning greatly by using our tech.

It is extremely difficult dealing with the hardware on your own. Your profits would mismatch with the time spent (several hours a day) and emotional input required by independent mining. Leave it to professionals, who will be taking care of the process 24/7.

Cloud Mining with Cryptouniverse Using your own hardware
Our hardware is ready to work – choose the rate and start earning immediately! Wasting your time waiting for the delivery.
No setup needed Paying extra money to install and setup miners.
Our company ensures you that the miners perform at their best. Lack of sufficient cooling slows down miner performance. Great risk of overheating and hardware failure, which results in extra costs and time loss.
Low energy costs as we have a profitable contract with the electricity provider. You have to pay high electricity bills.
Trouble-free process - our staff is monitoring the miners 24/7 and eliminates any errors in a timely manner. Hardware maintenance takes a lot of time. In case of hardware failures, you lose time and money.
No noises. Noises and excess heat.
The facility is well-protected. Ensuring miners security results in extra costs.
No unexpected costs. Possible extra taxes related to hardware delivery.
Qualified team of specialists. Hardware maintenance demands expertise.

Cloud mining will make the process easy for you. All you have to do is collect your profits!