How it works

We created a special cloud mining service, which allows you to mine Bitcoin and Litecoin without the inconvenience of hardware maintenance - this, our company takes upon itself! Create a personal account, choose the rate you prefer and start getting cryptocurrency rewards to your account daily. Your personal account will also provide you with detailed statistics, analytics and forecasts in real time.

How do we do it?

Hardware. There are thousands of miners installed in our data centers (Asic Bitmain AntMiner S9 and L3+). These machines are created specifically for cryptocurrency mining. Our data centers mine Bitcoin and Litecoin for you by using the SHA-256 and SCRYPT algorithms. Round- the-clock control and professional maintenance allows us to achieve the full potential of Asic- miners’ effectiveness and performance.

Pools. After installation and setup, we connect the miners to the pools. We choose the pools according to these criteria:

  • Reliability;
  • The number of rejects;
  • Justified commission.

Payments. All our partners receive the cryptocurrency rewards to their accounts daily. The amount of rewards is calculated according to the chosen rates.

Cloud Mining: What is it?

Cloud mining is a simplified system of the cryptocurrency mining, which allows you to mine without the unnecessary inconveniences by using the resources provided by our data centers.

Cloud mining VS Using your own hardware

Using your own hardware demands a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we offer you to start earning sizeable profits by using our industrial solution – cloud mining with Cryptouniverse.

It is extremely difficult to achieve even the nominal performance of the hardware independently. Your profits would be disparate with the time spent (several hours a day) and emotional input required by independent mining. Delegate it to professionals, who will ensure the input needed for optimal mining process 24/7. In turn, we reward you with the time you can spend on more pleasant activities.

Cloud Mining with Cryptouniverse Using your own hardware
The hardware is ready for exploitation - choose the rate and join industrial mining instantly Waiting for the delivery and losing your precious time
No setup needed from you Spending time and resources to install and setup the miners
Optimal conditions ensure the top performance of miners Lack of sufficient cooling slows down miners' performance. Great risk of overheating and hardware failure. Extra costs and time loss as the result.
Low energy cost, due to the beneficial contract with electricity company Higher energy cost
Trouble-free operation - our staff is monitoring the miners around-the- clock and eliminates any errors in a timely manner Hardware maintenance demands high time input. Hardware failures lead to loss of time and profit.
Peace and quiet Loud noise and excess heat
Guaranteed miners' security Ensuring miners’ security creates extra costs
No unforeseen expenses Possible extra taxes and tariffs related to hardware delivery
Qualified specialists Hardware productivity maintenance demands expertise in specific field of enquiry

Cloud mining will save you from all the complexities and inconveniences of hardware maintenance. You get the most enjoyable part of the process – to collect the profits!