About the Company

CryptoUniverse Cloud Mining is a multifunctional cryptocurrency investment platform
Project has been created by CryptoUniverse on the basis of the largest domestic mining center
Starting date of the Platform performance on February, 14 2018
CryptoUniverse is the legal Cloud Mining activities with the total data center capacity up to 20+ MW

1 Daily accruals
2 20+ tariffs for various business strategies
3 No hidden fees and charges
4 Multilanguage technical support
5 Absolute safety of your investments

CryptoUniverse Company is the area of genuine crypto-enthusiasts. We are in love with crypto-world and the endless possibilities that it offers to us. We are completely aware of the innovative significance of the blockchain technology and are applying every effort in order to develop the crypto-community
СryptoUniverse started its activities in spring 2017. In order to underline the serious character of our intentions, we contributed a share capital equal to 10 million RUB. Besides, the Company's founders decided to bring the best crypto-world experts, IT-specialists and engineers together. Our Team is the basic staff and a driving force for the Cryptouniverse Company. We all are different persons who are still united by a common idea to create a powerful technopark space and make Cloud Mining a source of income for every citizen of the Earth.

After having registered the Company on July 20, 2017, we immediately went on a big working trip to China. We made some delivery agreements with the largest manufacturers of mining equipment: Bitmain; Ebang; Canaan; Innosilicon.

In autumn of 2017, we started to install and configure the miners. Soon, the first data centers started their activities and, finally, on August 20, 2018, the country's largest mining center was opened in 150 km far from St. Petersburg. We've chosen the a location with a favorable climate - no extreme temperatures and high humidity. We pay special attention to the installation of data centers, including the copyright software and updated cooling systems that provide the excellent performance of the miners
CryptoUniverse performs its activities on its own landplots, using its own facilities. It provides the absolute security for your investments
Nowadays CryptoUniverse Company has been undergoing its dynamic development in a highly competitive environment. We will be glad if you become a participant of the Universe - Crypto Universe. Join us!