CryptoUniverse became better – check it out yourself-CryptoUniverse

As you could find out earlier, the next section of our data center in the Republic of Karelia is ready. Meet the new hash rate rent contracts and miners. Up-to-date high-end equipment from Bitmain and Whatsminer is installed in the new data center. That's why the price and the maintenance fee of both contracts and miners decreased. It's now the best time to upgrade.

BTC Lending service has been changed too. It's rearranged to be more reliable and profitable. There are two product types:

  1. Fixed type for 90, 180, 270 and 360 days that can be closed and profit can be gained only after its expiration.
  2. Flexible type that can be closed and profit can be gained whenever you want. It's a great tool for holding your BTC and earning on it.

HODL your BTC with us to get up to 7.7% annual interest. The service became more revenue and the most lucrative product became better for you by nearly 30%. Try our updated BTC lending now to get additional passive steady income.

You buy – we pay.

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