Data Centers

Cryptouniverse Data Centers are high-tech facilities, prepared and built according to the requirements of industrial cryptocurrency mining. The conditions created in the data centers make it possible to achieve maximum perfomance of the miners.

Дата-центры Cryptouniverse

Our engineers have designed and installed a triple automated industrial ventilation system with cyclic polymer filters. This system is constantly maintaining stable temperature and optimal humidity level. In addition, the filtration system almost completely eliminates the ingress of dust onto the equipment.

The result is a significant increase in the life cycle of the miners.

The capacity of the ventilation system is 110 kW / 1000 m².

Air supply: 780.000 m³ / hour for every 1000 m ².

Cryptouniverse Developers created custom software for miners. Unique software increases the efficiency of mining equipment up to 25% without changing the design of the devices.

High efficiency of Data Centers is our priority which is why we are constantly improving them. All innovative solutions are implemented after thorough testing in our own laboratory. Due to the efforts of our engineers and IT specialists, we managed to achieve a significant increase in the capacity of the equipment without the risk of overheating.

The Cryptouniverse Data Centers are built from non-combustible building materials under special projects and tested in accordance with the highest safety standards for industrial facilities.

Our Data Centers are equipped with 6 levels of automatic protection against overloads and high temperatures developed by ABB and Hitachi. In addition, there are early smoke detectors installed. The fire safety system is integrated into a single security and monitoring system — the on-duty specialists control the equipment 24/7.

Cryptouniverse Data Centers are fully insured as well as all the other property of the company. A reliable security company assures the safety of the equipment and facilities.

Дата-центры Cryptouniverse
Дата-центры Cryptouniverse
Дата-центры Cryptouniverse
Дата-центры Cryptouniverse

Cryptouniverse is your reliable partner in cryptocurrency mining!