About us

CryptoUniverse was created by real crypto devotees. We are in love with the world of crypto and the endless opportunities it provides. We fully understand the revolutionary significance of blockchain and put all our effort into development of the cryptocommunity.

Компания Cryptouniverse

Cryptouniverse was founded in spring 2017. During that period the company founders decided to put a team of the best crypto experts, IT-specialists and engineers together. This team is the driving force of Cryptouniverse. We are all different but united by the common goal – to create a powerful tech center and turn cloud mining into an accessible business opportunity for anyone interested.

After registering our company, we went on a big business trip around China. That is where we started doing business with the largest cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturers:

  • Bitmain;
  • Ebang;
  • Canaan;
  • Innosilicon.

In autumn 2017 we started installing and setting up our own miners. Soon, the first data centers have been launched and we have been working on a massive project aimed on creating a powerful tech center ever since. The location was chosen because of the favorable climate – it is not exposed to extreme temperatures or high humidity. Our company puts emphasis on maintaining our data centers – custom-made software and modern cooling system guarantee effective and uninterrupted 24/7 mining process.

Cryptouniverse is different from other cloud mining services. We care about our reputation. Therefore, all the hardware we provide is ready for mining. We do not leave you waiting for the hardware to arrive. Cryptouniverse has its own property and guarantees full protection of your investment.

Cryptouniverse today is a company growing at an incredible rate despite of the fierce competition. We will be delighted to make you a part of our universe – join us!