Autumn cloud mining: grab your bonus!

September 16, 2019
All the leaves are brown, and CryptoUniverse is in an autumn sale mode until the end of September. Start with trying our new cloud mining promo contracts: Harvest - $19,9 за 1 Th/s, mining starts Oct 25; and Gather - $20,9 за 1 Th/s, mining starts Oct 15. If you want more, then meet updated BTC Prepaid Special 360 и BTC Prepaid Starter 480. They cost 36% less during the autumn sale. If you pay for miner or contract in BTC instead of fiat, you get 7% hashrate bonus instead of a regular 4% hashrate bonus. Let's say you pay for 100 Th/s in BTC, you get 107 Th/s with bonus! We are not finished yet! We have hidden an ultra special secret promo code somewhere on our site. This code gives you a really generous discount for our most profitable cloud mining contract. Try finding it on, it’s worth it. NB! The hidden ULTRA PROMO CODE can be used only once for each account. This autumn is going to be profitable! You buy - we pay.
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