Cashback for all BTC contracts. Until the end of August

August 28, 2019
The Fast and the cloudiuos sale is rebooted! Now you can have 7% cashback for all BTC contracts you buy in addition to a current 12% discount. Didn’t have a chance to buy one in the first place? Grab one before it ends on the 1st of September. By the way, our new Hobbs 360 and Shaw 480 cloud mining promo contracts are still waiting for you. They are available only during “The Fast and the Cloudious” sale. All our current discounts and bonuses can be applied to these contracts. Less than $400 000 worth hash rate of $1 484 000 total sale hash rate is left by the time we send this letter. The finish line of the sale is really close. Even if you already took part in it, you should still tell your friends about this promo. Because you receive from 8% to 10% of their investments. The sale ends on the 1st of September. Don’t miss your chance to earn some extra profit! Cheers and much love, CryptoUniverse.
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