Construction highlights of April & May 2020

May 29, 2020

Meet our news from the construction site! Let’s explore what has been changed since last update.


Data center consists of 4 buildings:
K0 (K-Power) – the first one. Fully built and equipped. Check the live stream from it on our website.

K1 – put into operation and fully equipped. We’ve done small rearrangements to install additional miners.

K2 – our new building that we are constructing right now.

K3 – foundry that we continue to upgrade and prepare to the installation of ASIC-miners. 



K1 is ready. From the previous construction highlights, you can remember that cameras are installed there. You’ll find them at soon. In April and May, we found a more efficient way of shelf arrangement. It allowed us to install 2400 more ASIC-miners.



Foundry is fully operational. Electrical and ventilation work are being performed. We installed more than 1800 of new minersand to replaced some of the previously installed ASIC-miners with new more productive ones.



The main activities are taking place in K2. We began the process there in March. A lot of work has been done since then. Prior to any field construction activities comes proper planning. Before casting concrete on the ground our team cleaned a huge area from dust and occasional pieces of metal. In addition, a significant part of the preparation stage was completed. Cable channels, electrical boxes, industrial lightning, airflow windows, miner shelves, and some other tasks.


* Data centers are owned and operated by our partners in Russia.

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